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Political advertisement and propaganda in Armenia are used more than PR

Date: 03.03.07

Propaganda and advertisement, then technologies of ties with the society are 70-80% used in the political propaganda of Armenia. Arman Saghatelian, the Deputy Chairman of the Armenian Public Relations Association ("PR Association," www. stated about it at the March 1 press conference. At the same time he mentioned that the political advertisement in Armenia does not solve the problem of making this or that political force or figure recognizable as everybody already knows all the political forces amd figures having weight, and the people is already tired of propaganda.

In A.Saghatelian's words, during the propaganda of the parliamentary elections to take place in May the competition will mainly be promoted to occupy place in the information field.

As for the PR, candidates nominated by the majoritarian electoral system more use technologies of that sphere. It was mentioned that "black PR" technologies both in the way of compromising and organization of spreading negative information about the opponents will also be used in the propaganda of the expected parliamentary elections.

Responding the Noyan Tapan correspondent's question, A.Saghatelian mentioned that more money will be spent in the propaganda of the parliamentary elections this year than during the previous elections.

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