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UNICEF awards Armenian media for coverage of child issues

Date: 25.11.05

YEREVAN, 25 November -- UNICEF Armenia presented today awards to local media representatives who were selected by a professional jury through a six-month media monitoring project “Children in Armenian News.”
The awards were presented to journalists in recognition of their role in highlighting issues that impact the welfare of children in Armenia
“Violations of the rights of children, and issues related to children’s safety, education, health, social welfare and exploitation are important questions for investigation and public debate in Armenia, as in all countries”,. Sheldon Yett, UNICEF Representative in Armenia said at an award ceremony, adding that journalists act as the eyes, ears and voices of the public, helping to shape the way we see the world and to change attitudes.
“Through your work, you can encourage governments, the public and civil society to affect changes. You are uniquely placed to help people understand how to stop violence against children,” Yett said, addressing Armenian media representatives.
Initiated by UNICEF, media monitoring was carried out by the Armenian Public Relations Association (APRA) and involved all major print and electronic media outlets. A jury composed of NGO representatives, journalists and professors from the department of journalism at Yerevan State University reviewed over 500 articles and feature stories as well as over 100 TV reports.
“The objective of the project was to understand how local media were covering issues related to child rights and recognize those journalists who were covering these issues responsibly and ethically. We found that many journalists had a poor understanding of the professional practices that should be followed when covering issues related to children, such as their right to privacy,” - Ara Saghatelyan, president of APRA stressed.
The award was given to 6 journalists representing TV and newspapers, 3 TV companies, one daily and one weekly newspaper based on criteria developed by UNICEF jointly with APRA.
“For me as a journalist, it is a special award. It puts on me additional responsibility. As a mother of one child I only had a responsibility for my child. Now as a journalist recognized for covering child-related problems, I bear responsibility for covering issues in a way that protects children,” Ruzan Arshakyan, a journalist from the “Aravot” daily emphasized.
Congratulating recipients of the award, Sheldon Yett noted that too often media focus on horrific, one-off cases that sensationalize and don’t put events or issues in the proper context.
“Actively learn about child rights, challenge those who fail to carry out their promises to meet these rights, ask questions, be fair and ethical and be sure to listen to children themselves.” UNICEF Representative stressed.
UNICEF is working with media organizations in Armenia to strengthen the professional capacities of local journalists to cover children-related issues. In 2006, UNICEF will conduct training seminars for local journalists to strengthen their understanding of children’s rights and help them to monitor their government’s performance as a signatory to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.
Emil Sahakyan
Information & Communication APO
UNICEF Armenia

Mashtots-1600 E-Content All-Armenian contest results summed up

Date: 14.06.05

YEREVAN, June 13. /ARKA/. The results of "Mashtots-1600" e-content All-Armenian Contest, held within the framework of World Summit Award have been summarized. According to Armen Grigoryan, the Executive Secretary of the Council for Assistance to IT adjunct to RA Premier, the objective of the contest was to reduce the gap between technological and e-content through encouragement of cultural variety, creation of dissimilar resources of e-content and numeralization of cultural and scientific heritage. The 8 winners will represent Armenia at the IT international summit in Tunis, November 16-18, 2005. "The perspectives for the development of Armenian-language resources are rather broad, however everything depends on the demand in order to create translation standards and programs that will facilitate the use of resources in Armenian", said Grigoryan. He said that 200 applications were submitted for the contest, 55 best were selected in 8 nominations within the framework of the summit - e-education, culture, science, management, healthcare, business and 3 of national value - e- Armenian studies, e-native, Armenian e-fonts. Honorary diploma and money prizes were given to 16 organizations, of which the main prize at $1 thou was given to "Aram Khatchatryan: Life and Work"
CD, "Armenian Genocide"CD, "Paruyr Sevak" CD, as well as websites of Electronic Payment System (, Armenian Tourism Development Agency (, website on the life and work of the renowned Armenian composer Komitas (, virtual storage of Armenian manuscripts (, Electronic Armenian Fund ( The first prize at $500 was given to Armenia Public TV (, Internews (, RA Foreign Ministry (, website on literature
( ,the Council of Europe (, "Armenia 2020" project ( Internet-newspaper "Hetq" (, Public Radio of Armenia ( 8 winners of the contest to leave for Tunis are the authors of "Aram
Khatchatryan: Life and Work" CD, "Armenian Genocide" CD, and the winning websites are, Armenian Tourism Development Agency (, Armenian Public TV (, Economic Court of the RA (, medical website, Byurakan observatory Note, on the threshold of the Geneva Summit held December 10-12, 2003, contest of web-sites was held. The website of the Centre for Study of Cosmic Rays of the Yerevan Physics Institute was among the 5 winners. L.V.-0--

All-Armenian contest of web-technologiesin Yerevan

Date: 11.06.05


An All-Armenian contest of web-technologies took place today in Yerevan. Winners will present Armenia at the International Summit of International Technologies in Tunis in November, 2005.

As Secretary of the Armenian Assistance Council to IT-developments at Armenia's Prime Minister Armen Grigoryan informed in an interview to ARMINFO, more than 200 Armenian web-developers presented their works to the contest. The authoritative jury formed with representatives of state, public and international companies, elected 55 best works. Experts took into account electronic mediums (CD,DVD), web-design, contents of web-sites and many other characteristics in spheres of programming, medicine, education, working projects, tourism, etc.

Contest President Garegin Chugaszyan noted that he is extremely glad as "results of 10-year work in IT-sphere are summarized today". 16 organizations were awarded honorary diplomas and money prizes. Armenia's Public television ( , Armenia's Public Radio (, "Internews" public organization (, Armenia's Foreign Ministry (, "Matit" studio (, Project Armenia 2020 ( and "Hetk"
Internet-newspaper ( were awarded main prizes.

To note, Armenian Institute of Psychics was awarded a prize for contribution to the development of electronic science at the IT-technologies Summit two years ago, presenting the web-site of investigations of solar processes. Armenia's President Robert Kocharyan participated at the ceremony of awarding international prizes.

Web-site of Armenian Economic Court to secure information access and transparency of judical system

Date: 25.02.05


Presentation ceremony of a web-site of the Armenian Economic Court ( took place in Yerevan. The web-site has been created to secure information access and transparency of the judicial system. The information center of the court was established by the PR Association of Armenia on the grants under the program of democraticization and human rights of the European Commission.

According to Justice Minister David Haroutiunyan, the information on the web-site will contibute to increasing the public-awareness of the legal fleid and the acitivty of the Economic Court, which, in its turn, regulates both the judicial corps and the employees of the court.

said Chairman of the Economic Court Hovhanness Manukyan. The web-site provides information on the decisions and verdicts of the court, the order of application to the court and appeal against its decisions, on the list of the facilities announced bankrupt and on the order and term of public auctions. The visitors can also send their peoposals to the web-site administration. The inofrmation on the web-site is in three langiages: Armenian, Russian and English.


Presentation of official website of economic court of the Republic of Armenia held in Yerevan

Date: 25.02.05


Presentation of official website of Economic Court of the Republic of Armenia ( was held in Yerevan today. As Davit Harutyunyan, Armenian Justice Minister said, the most important factor of the final establishing of judiciary in the developing countries is its transparency and using of high technologies must not be neglected here. At that in his words, similar transparency could not be secured only by creation of internet center and the Armenian Government suggest this year to make a number of legislative steps for securing transparency of the legal proceedings process. “We need just that transparency that would allow the sides to better understand their activity and the judges to get more correct impression what will promote the making of the judiciary “, he stressed.
The web-based information center of the Economic Court of Armenia was created within frames of Transparency of Judiciary System of Armenia program with the assistance of EU European Initiative for Democracy and Human Rights (the total cost of the grant EUR 44 thou.). One of the main tasks of the program implemented by Youth for Achievements NGO is expanding of partnership between state, public sectors thru free provision of necessary information, its transparency and availability. The main purpose of the web-based internet resource is free provision of information about the judiciary system, particularly the Economic Court, and to enhance the efficiency and quality of the information exchange between the public and the Economic Court.
The main menu of Armenian, Russian and English version of the web-site contain 14 chapters including data on the Economic Court of the republic of Armenia, activity procedure, court appeal order, cassation compliant and appeal, information on legal proceedings, sales of debtors property, news, international relations, feedback, links etc.

Are you married or not, are you old or young?

Date: 16.11.04

All of us know these words well and we have to hear them all day long, even for many times a day. But we understood their meaning much better after hundreds of people had received their monthly telephone bills. Huge sums, more than 1 million drams, were stated in the bills.

APRA Company /Association for Public Relations in Armenia/ held apress conference today to discuss the consequences of advertising by “Teleplus” Company and how to avoid it. APRA Deputy Chair Arman Saghatelyan and “Internews” representative David Sandukhchyan were answering the questions of journalists.

Telephone supply of citizens was ceased because of debts, which accumulated not for telephone services /more than 140 appeals/. According to Sandukhchyan, “Armentel” has concluded a contract with “Teleplus”, and it is to pay both for month and per minute.

Being attractive especially for teens, the advertisement doesn’t contain clear information about the advertised services. Parents often become aware of that their minor child has used “Teleplus” services only when getting the bills.

Under the 1st plank of the 14th article of Law, an advertisement using trustfulness of minors is considered unfair . Though that advertisement refers not only to minors, just teenagers often call.

Citizens can turn to “Armentel” than Ministry of Communication and Transport, demanding to restore their broken rights. They also can appeal to courts. Association has made a claim statement, and citizens must appeal to a court, filling it. But the citizens were suggested to consult with a lawyer before applying to courts.

A citizen can demand the Court to declare invalid the contract made by his or her child, thus exepmting from payment obligations over that bargain.

“Legislation of the country provides due mechanisms to restore the infringed rights. They must use those mechanisms, the First Instance Court in this case. People are to be more active to protect their rights” , Ara Saghatelyan, Press Secretary of Justice Ministry, said on the issue.

Warning: poisonous coffee

Date: 16.10.04

After careful examination of coffee abundant in Armenian market, PR Association reported the most popular kinds of ground coffee, especially those containing prizes in packs to attract consumers, such as Fero, Cardinal, Premier, Maxwell and Super Argo, have poisonous elements – cadmium and lead - in their composition.

Professor Ojugaryan said at today’s news conference cadmium amount exceeded the allowed norm 10-15 %. In his words, cadmium is reckoned among the first-degree-risk metals and lead to cancer, infertility toxic disorders etc.

Experts found also great amount of starch, pea and other legumes in coffee.

Heavy coffee

Date: 03.05.04


The initiator of the coffee brand research in Armenian market, Armenian Public Relations Association, (also known by the fact that it defended the citizens rights during the past court hearings againist "Teleplas" company) held a press conference today. The President of the Assocation, Ara Sagatelyan presented official results of the laboratory experise and research background.
The Chairmen of Armenian Union of Consumers Armen Poghosyan and Doctor of Biology Olga Jugaryan were also present at the press conference . Mrs. Jugaryan briefed journalsits about consequences that excessive amount of heavy metals may have on human health.

Complainants still pending for court decisions

Date: 20.04.04

It is already three months since courts have embarked in considering Armenian citizens’ suit against Teleplas and Armentel companies. Today, the Vice Chair of Association for Ties with Community Arman Saghatelyan and the lawyer engaged in the case David Sandukhchyan met with journalists.
The lawyer told journalists that both companies refused to show the contract made between them saying it is a secret document. (Details of the case are available in our archive).
Saghatelyan and Sandukhchyan said the court satisfied the suit of Christine Teryan and finding Teleplas advertisement unfair exempted her from paying phone bill of 100,000 drams.
At least 20 suits have been filed over the similar case. Armen Saghatelyan is sure the court will decide in favor of the plaintiffs.

There is only reputable producer in Armenian coffee market

Date: 00.00.00

Armenian porducers that are delaing with the coffee packaging continue to violate Armenian laws on economic competition . They do not provide comprehensive information about the product on coffee packages.
These days State commission on economic competition protection fined 13 producers . Commission decided that violations should be eliminated in 10 day time and provide the reports about remedial action in 20 day period, paying to state budget all the profit received during the epriod when the law has been violated.

At the initative of the ARMENIAN PUBLIC Relations Association Commission reviewed around 28 coffee brands and discovered that only one producer( Russion Company " Centaurus ") that supplies " Nectar Roscafe " coffee brand to the Armenian market did not violate a single point of the Armenian law on economic competition .