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A Scientific Conference on "Public Communications: Current Challenges and Development Perspect

Date: 27.11.13

‘Corruption Out of Our Life’ Program in Armenia

Date: 04.11.09

Armenia’s PR Association and USAID’s Mobilizing Action Against Corruption (MAAC) program will implement a project called “Let’s Get Corruption Out of Our Life” over a six-month period.
The initiative aims to target small and medium businesses primarily, according to Armenia’s PR Association deputy chair Arman Saghatelyan.
Though it is a generally accepted custom in Armenia to settle issues with the help of relatives, Saghatelyan believes that “finally we’ll come to the civilized world’s method of settling issues.”
“The main ideology is to attempt to present to society the direction it is necessary to take in protecting [people’s] rights,” Saghatelyan said, emphasizing in this context the process of taking corresponding judicial measures.
Within the frames of the program, discussions with business and media representatives are planned, Saghatelyan said. With the help of mass media, the organizers try to present the “good practices package,” in which ordinary people are involved.
“They are mainly stories of people who wish to work in their country and wish that their rights are protected in their country by people who live on the funds paid to them by all of us,” Saghatelyan said.
The journalists who have agreed to cooperate will get remuneration “as accepted in the civilized world.” According to Saghatelyan, often an issue arises when granting journalists their right to free expression. “Neither USAID nor Armenia’s PR Association intends to interfere with journalists’ activities,” Saghatelyan emphasized, adding that organizers might not share the viewpoint of media representatives.

APRA organizes public hearings at Justice Ministry

Date: 07.11.07

Why is necessary to set up a new investigation body and why the law on special investigation service is so criticized? These questions were raised at the justice ministry today during a public hearing of the bill within the framework of the program ''Strengthening civil society role in good governance development in Armenia.'' The public hearing was initiated by Armenian Public Relations Association (APRA).

The discussion once again presented the bill and as justice minister, Gevorg Danielyan said, it aims to show that the bill is not anti-state and anti-democratic. The minister believes it is groundless to criticize the bill.

Asked by an NGO what the purpose of the bill is, Gevorg Danielyan said it is very important in terms of anti corruption. He also said when ordinary citizens and state officials are not investigated by the same body, it is not a violation of human rights. Simply, there will be limited number of officials covered under the law. The status and the salary of the investigators will go up, so high professionalism is also demanded from them. ''Many believe that this is a body for political prosecutions,'' the minister mentioned also saying that it does not reflect the reality. He is more than sure that the structure will have a contrary effect. The minister assured it won't be possible to instruct a structure that will always be in the view.

Reminder: Law on special investigation service is adopted by the National Assembly by the first reading.

"Man and nature" exhibition to be opened in Yerevan, Armenia

Date: 04.06.07


A contest-exhibition "Man and Nature" organized by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and the Armenian public Relations Association (APRA) is to open at the State Nature Museum of Armenia on June 5.

APRA reported that among the exhibits will be 51 works by talented children aged 7-9, 10-13, and 14-16 from Yerevan orphanages. The jury selected the children in the first round of the contest.

WWF Armenia instituted prizes in the category "Best Painting" for each age group. All the participants will receive certificates and incentive prizes. APRA and the RA Ministry of Nature Protection instituted prizes as well.
The RA Minister of Nature Protection and representatives of the Ra Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, Ministry of Education and Science, as well as of the National Institute of Education, international and ecological NGOs have been invited to the exhibition.

APRA offers mass media cooperation for enhancing civil society's role in democratic governance

Date: 21.05.07


Armenian Public Relations Association (APRA) offers mass media representatives cooperation in implementing a project aimed at enhancing civil society’s role in democratic governance.
The project includes creation of conditions for establishing an effective dialogue between beneficiaries – representatives of the public and private sectors, which in its turn will contribute to strengthening and increase activity of the public’s role in the country governance.
Within the frameworks of the abovementioned initiative, APRA cooperates with public administration authorities, coordinating the sectors of justice, social security, and environmental protection, as well as with private organizations in order to make the activity of public administration authorities transparent and understandable for the public in order to ensure public participation in decision making.
Mass media is also expected to participate in the project implementation in order to gain more effectiveness.

Two organizations sign memorandum of cooperation for biodiversity protection

Date: 14.04.07

World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Armenia and Armenian Public Relations Association (APRA) signed a memorandum of cooperation yesterday. Ara Saghatelyan, APRA Chairman, and Karen Manvelyan, WWF Armenia office director, were the persons to sign the document.
The office public relations department says the memorandum attaches importance to the protection of the Armenian biodiversity and sustainable use of natural resources. The cooperation aims to quickly react and provide accurate information to decision makers and the public. WWF Director Manvelyan raised his hope that “cooperation with APRA will step up public education in environmental protection as well as attract public attention to biodiversity risks.”
WWF was established in 1961 and is active in more than 100 countries. It opened its office in Armenia in 2001.

Political advertisement and propaganda in Armenia are used more than PR

Date: 03.03.07

Propaganda and advertisement, then technologies of ties with the society are 70-80% used in the political propaganda of Armenia. Arman Saghatelian, the Deputy Chairman of the Armenian Public Relations Association ("PR Association," www. stated about it at the March 1 press conference. At the same time he mentioned that the political advertisement in Armenia does not solve the problem of making this or that political force or figure recognizable as everybody already knows all the political forces amd figures having weight, and the people is already tired of propaganda. more...

Political ad, election campaign prevail over PR-technologies in Armenia

Date: 01.03.07


The political ad and election campaign in Armenia prevail over the PR-technologies, said Arman Saghatelyan, the Deputy President of the PR Association.

He said that the overwhelming majority of the Armenian politicians in their arsenal use such methods of political struggle as advertisement and agitation, which is inadvisable.

“Armenia is a small country with a small political field, where everyone knows each other. In such conditions, the advertisement of politicians is useless, especially, if taking into account the huge resources spent for these purposes,” said Saghatelyan.

He said that the election campaign in Armenia is not very productive, because it is expressed by a politician’s monologue, to which the population rapidly loses the interest. “In this case it is necessary to use the possibilities of a dialogue and population’s active involvement in the dialogue,” Saghatelyan said.

He pointed out that Pr-technologies will not dominate among the communication factors during the parliamentary elections in Armenia, because they are tools for a systematic job and not a policy conducted once in four years.

Moreover, Saghatelyan said that PR-technologies base on the dialogue between the political forces and different layers of society, which is also lacking in Armenia. Despite this, the interest to Pr-technologies rises in Armenia.

“In a country of a transitional period, in the atmosphere of unsuccessful democracy, it is difficult to expect the direct usage of PR-technologies,” Saghatelyan said.

He pointed out that Armenia gradually starts to use such means of communications of PR-technologies as the Internet and mobile connection.

?Nigerian Letters?

Date: 04.09.06


For starters you should send them 500 to 1000 dollars to take care of some preparatory paperwork. And as soon as the person blinded with the easy fortune transfers the amount, the bank offering to help claim your rightful inheritance disappears without a trace.
These so-called Nigerian letters are no longer able to fool the western countries and have recently targeted the CIS countries where people are still vulnerable to Internet deceit.
The Armenian PR association has been following the situation for some time now.
The Nigerian Letters have also reached Armenia and the Armenian PR association’s inbox is also full of them. Sending similar letter is banned by the Nigerian low and the person traced sending similar letters will be punished accordingly.
Anush Beghloyan form the APRA says that international statistics show that every million similar letters get a one percent response.
To monitor the situation, in 2002 there was an international conference in NY. The Nigerian President was also invited to attend and was asked to strictly punish the banks involved in the deceit. However as Anush Beghloyan noted the amount of such deceitful letters to this day has not decreased and the conference seams to have had no effect.
To make their deceit more truth like, in an attempt to make believe that a person has won the lottery the letters might even contain a link to this or that official website where people can read their own names in the winner’s list.
Anush Beghloyan says that it is unfortunately a common misapprehension that if it is on the Internet and has an official web page then the information must be competent. She calls on people to remember that it is very easy to imitate reality on the web and people should be aware of that fact.
A Nigerian letter can be addressed not only to individuals but also to organization and a representative of the given organization is asked to pack the needed documents and the stamp and meet them in a given country to negotiate the terms dividing the account. Anush Beghloyan says that this can be extremely dangerous because as soon as they get a hold of the person, the documents and the stamp, it’s not known what documents they will make them sign and what will come of the person.

RA Chief Prosecutor's office has its web page

Date: 01.03.06

Chief Prosecutor’s Office of Armenia already has its web page ( The presentation of the web page was held today in the Prosecutor’s Office. The page presents the role and importance of the Prosecutor’s Office in the judicial-legal system of the Republic of Armenia; the major documents regulating the activity of structural and territorial subdivisions are introduced. Separate rubrics will present the activity directed at fight against crime.
“We emphasize the necessity of providing true and accurate information about the activity of the
Prosecutor’s Office and hope that this means of electronic communication will help make its activity more transparent,” RA Prosecutor General Aghvan Hovsepyan.