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How to save the reputation of a brand in case of PR-scandal

Date: 17.09.18

JetBlue airlines makes up for a massive inconvenience

Back in 2007, a major ice storm on the East Coast led to JetBlue cancelling more than 1,000 flights over the course of five days. As you can imagine, airline travelers were livid. That's when CEO David Neeleman (he is no longer CEO of JetBlue) took action: Instead of blaming the weather and issuing a robotic, formulaic response, Neeleman wrote an apology letter to JetBlue customers and introduced a new customer’s “Bill of rights”.

He also included monetary compensation for the missed flights, and presented a list of action items the company would take to help affected passengers. Though the backlash was still fairly severe, Neeleman was up-front about the company’s mistakes. He acknowledged the massive inconveniences his customers were facing. And he told them, outright, what he was going to do to make things right.

You can read the whole letter here:

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