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Communication for Future (C4F) Awards 2017

Date: 16.11.16

Dear Colleagues,

The aim of C4F Awards is to reach truly creative, innovative and visionary professional communication experts or agencies, as well as graduates/students/specialists who shape up the future of communications with their remarkable initiatives, diploma projects, and innovative work!

Here are the categories for personal C4F Awards 2017:

• Grand Award
• Titan of the future
• Image of the future
• Relations of the future
• Idea of the future
• Evangelists of the future
• Talent of the future
• Leader of the future (supported by the WCFA association)

Here are the categories for corporate C4F Awards 2017:


• Education of the future
• City of the future
• Media of the future
• Technology of the future
• Trust of the future
• Pro Bono of the future
• Community of the future (supported by the WCFA association)


• Reputation of the future
• Communication of the future
• Branding of the future
• Creative of the future
• Anti Crisis of the future
• Value of the future
• Employee comms of the future
• New generation comms (supported by the WCFA association) >> FREE-of-charge

NB! >> FREE-of-charge category: New Generation Communications!


A new nomination, for any graduate/final-year/MBA students in Media, Comms, Journalism, Management, Leadership, Innovation and any similar studies: supported by the WCFA association!

>> Standard Entry period is now expiring in all categories!

>> Sandard Entry (100 CHF): deadline by 1st Dec, 2016!

>> Online payment >>

- Best price offer for easier access into all categories! (for comparison: Last-min entry fee is 150 CHF).

- Global recognition and prestige!
C4F Awards Gala - 14 March, 2017!
President Wilson Hotel, Geneva, Switzerland

Time to get Global! Join the C4F Awards now!

The C4F Awards Team

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