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ICCO Global Awards 2016. Rules of entry

Date: 27.09.16

1. There is no official format or entry form required for your Award entries, allowing you to format your entry as you wish.
Entries that exceed the 1000 word limit over a maximum of 4 sides of A4 will be void.

2. Entries must be submitted as either a Word document or PDF.

3. Font size 12 – Arial – is the recommended font.

4. PLEASE NOTE: To ensure objective judging based on content and not favoritism, entries must not include any branding or mention of company name.

5. Imagery should be included in the body of your entry to support your case.

6. The mandatory photographs requested and supplied alongside your entry at the submission stage, will be used in the AV presentation at the Awards Ceremony.

7. WORLD’S BEST PR CAMPAIGNS must have been carried out in a minimum of two countries.

8. WORLD’S BEST PR CAMPAIGNS entries should demonstrate: effectiveness and results; strategy and research; execution; originality and evaluation.

9. Entries into the TEAM AWARDS should demonstrate: innovation; staff and client retention; documented results and performance; diversity; and collaboration.

10. Diversity is a criterion within entries for TEAM AWARDS. Judges will be looking for evidence and data on: the make-up of your workforce, both gender and ethnicity; talent management and mentoring programs for under-represented groups.

11. If AVEs (advertising value equivalency) are used as a form of measurement without a secondary means of evaluation, your entry will be void. For reference, please see The PR Professional’s Definitive Guide to Measurement.

12. State the campaign budget. When PR is part of an integrated campaign state the PR budget and the approximate campaign budget.

13. Judges will assume that campaigns using celebrities or other associations have been paid for their involvement unless stipulated otherwise.

14. If the campaign is integrated, when demonstrating results please state the PR consultancy’s involvement and outline the activity of the other marketing disciplines.

15. Payments must be made in € Euro.

16. Payment MUST be received before the entry is submitted.

17. Submission documents/images must be compressed into ZIP FILE and uploaded. Only one file can be uploaded per entry.

18. Entries must be submitted online with the relevant photographs and documentation by the 20 October 11:59 GMT.

ICCO Global Awards 2016

Date: 26.09.16

Globally recognized by PR associations representing 48 countries worldwide, the ICCO Global PR Awards celebrate the best in the industry. Entries are judged by an elite international panel of top PR practitioners who will consider excellence and effectiveness of PR work from across the world. This is an internationally recognized awards program purely based on effectiveness, measurement, results and impact for the global PR industry.

“Your work can be as creative as you like, but unless it achieved results, it won’t win an ICCO Global Award!”
– David Gallagher, Omnicom Public Relations Group; international president for growth and development; Co-President of Judging ICCO Global Awards 2016

Key Dates:
Entries Open: 13 September 2016
Early Bird Rate Ends: 06 October 2016
Entries Close: 20 October 2016
Shortlist Announced: 17 November 2016
Awards Ceremony – Gala Dinner: 01 December 2016

ICCO Global Awards 2016. Award Categories

Date: 26.09.16

This category is open to any Holding Group that represents PR consultancies. Winning these awards will demonstrate great business and effective results as well as community leadership and innovation across its networks.

This category is open to any Network, whether multi-discipline or niche. As with all team categories, judges will look for evidence of financial performance, staff and client retention, diversity and innovation.

This category is open to any Independent Consultancy, whether multi-discipline or niche; UK or internationally-based. As with all team categories, judges will look for evidence of financial performance, staff and client retention, diversity and innovation.


Media Relations – This award recognizes campaigns that use targeted media relations to achieve excellent results.

Consumer – This award recognizes work that involves the promotion of products or services to consumers, delivered by the private, public or charitable sectors.

Digital and New Media – This award recognizes campaigns that include a large element of digital and new media work, whether on their own or as part of an integrated program of PR and targeted marketing activity.

B2B – This award recognizes work that involves the promotion of products and services from one business to another. Entries can relate to a niche business sector or to the business community at large.

CSR -This award recognizes work that promotes an organization’s corporate social responsibility program, via either a one-off campaign or on-going work.

Not For Profit – This award recognizes work by or on behalf of charities and not-for-profit organizations.

Technology – This award recognizes work focused on telecoms, IT or web-based products, services or brands, targeted at the business, or not-for-profit or consumer markets.

Crisis & Issues – This award recognizes work in a crisis situation managing difficult issues. This might be by promoting an alternative perspective, or indeed by keeping an issue out of the media altogether. Judges are especially aware of the need for discretion in this category.

Broadcast – This award recognizes campaigns that use the broadcast medium effectively, either on its own or as part of an integrated program of PR and targeted marketing activity.

Healthcare – This award recognizes work across the whole range of healthcare and well-being PR, including private healthcare, pharma and medical research.

An award for any young individual (under 30 years) with the greatest potential to become industry leader of the future – and who has achieved greatness already. Nominations for this award can be made by the individual or a colleague, and organizations can enter any number of entries.

An award for an individual who has shown great leadership and achieved greatness with excellent results. This award will be given to an individual (or joint agency heads) who has/have delivered outstanding performance to clients, made a significant contribution to the industry and to their consultancy. Nominations for this award can be made by the individual themselves or a colleague, and organizations can submit any number of entries.

Join us for the ultimate celebration of professional achievement in PR and communications!
Thursday 01 December at St Pancras Renaissance Hotel London, UK.

How the generation Z perceives the information?

Date: 22.09.16

The purpose of this research, which is carried out by the Russian Public Relations Association (RASO), is identification of changes in the perception of information among representatives of the 15-20-year-old generation. The research is conducted with the representatives of different professions (social sphere, IT, natural science, management, humanities) by applying various methods – surveys, focus groups – in which can also take part control groups of older ages.

The audiences, interested in the results of this research, are: parents, school teachers, university professors, media, state and non-state institutions interested in new cadres and their development - in short, all those who somehow can be in connection with the generation of marked age group.

The research covers the following regions: Russia, Europe, Asia-Pacific region, North America, Latin America, and India. The period of the research is until December of this year.

AMEC’s Measurement Month

Date: 15.09.16

AMEC’s (International Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communication) Measurement Month is a global program of activities to spotlight attention on the importance of PR measurement.

Check out the calendar of free events, top tips and downloads here.

ICCO welcomes new Board members

Date: 12.09.16

We're delighted to welcome four industry leaders to the ICCO Board of management:

Victoria Wagner, CEO, Ketchum Germany (GPRA - Germany)

Aleksandra Kolaric, Director, Quadrans Konzalting (HUOJ - Croatia)

Loretta Ahmed, CEO, Middle East, Turkey & Africa, Grayling (PRCA MENA)

Bozidar Novak, Director, SPEM Communication Group (ZOJ - Slovenia)

ICCO Board Meeting in Oxford

Date: 07.09.16

The next ICCO Board meeting will take place on Wednesday 28th September at Lady Margaret Hall, founded in 1879 as the first women's college in Oxford.

The meeting will run from 9am - 5pm.

Meeting documents and agenda will be shared soon.

ICCO sector group's - GWPR - Global Gender Pay Gap Survey goes live

Date: 05.09.16

The very first international Gender Pay Gap and Work Life Balance Survey, from ICCO (International Communications Consultancy Organisation) sector group GWPR (Global Women in Public Relations), has now gone live.

The survey asks a number of questions about working practices and seeks to provide important data on the state of play and views of those working in PR – be it in agency, in-house or as an independent consultant. The survey is designed to provide important feedback on equality and the work/life balance for both men and women working in the industry.

The survey has been facilitated by leading market research agency One Poll and is fully supported by ICCO. Media partner The Holmes Report will be publicising the survey, as well as reporting the findings. The results will be published by ICCO at the Global ICCO PR Summit in Oxford, September 29th/30th.

These are the links for questionnaires:
US: /

Closing date of the survey is Friday 9th September. If you have any questions about the research, or are interested in taking part, please contact co-founders of GWPR Sue Hardwick or Angela Oakes

Global ICCO PR Summit. One month to go!

Date: 01.09.16

We are pleased to remind you that in Oxford on 29–30 September 2016 will take place the Global ICCO PR Summit.

If you haven't booked your pass for the Global ICCO PR Summit, it's time to do so now as the event is fast approaching!

This is an unparalleled chance to meet with the PR industry's senior players coming together from all around the world.

Check out the programm and excellent speaker line-up here:

This is an opportunity not to be missed!

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Welcome to the Global ICCO PR Summit 2016

Date: 03.08.16

The ICCO (International Communications Consultancy Organisation) Global Summit is a unique event that brings together senior practitioners from public relations consultancies around the world. This year the Summit will take place in Oxford, a world-leading center of learning, teaching and research, made famous by the oldest university in the English-speaking world, Oxford University.

The theme for the Summit is “Talent, Inspiration & Innovation – Creating the Consultancy of the Future”.

Keynote presentations, lively panel debates and advanced networking will focus around PR industry challenges and innovations in ‘the people’, ‘the work’ and ‘the technology’.

Share best practice, spark debate and discover solutions at the Global ICCO PR Summit in Oxford on 29–30 September 2016.

15% discount available for APRA (Armenian Public Relations Association) members.

See the programme of the summit here: But please note that the programme is subject to change.

Read more about speakers here:

Online registration: