Promoting Equal Rights and Equal Opportunities in Armenia

In 2015 Armenian PR Association continued implementation of the project «Strengthening Capacity and Knowledge of Civil Society and the Media to Engage in Constructive Dialogue on Gender and Democratic Governance and to Promote Non-Stereotyped Portrayal of Females and Males».
The main activity for 2015 was broadcasting of 5 educational documentaries (once or twice, about 1,650 minutes in total). From August 10th to 23rd documentaries were broadcast by eight regional TV channels. The purpose of the activity was to increase knowledge of different groups, such as community council members and other people involved in LSG as well as general public about the following topics:
• Local Self-government Bodies,
• Participatory Governance in Local Level,
• Issues of Transparency and Accountability in LSG,
• Cooperation of LSG bodies with Other Institutions,
• Participation of men and women in LSG.

Support to the Establishment of Probation Service in Armenia

From January to December of 2015 Armenian Public Relations Association implemented the program «Support to the Establishment of Probation Service in Armenia». The goal of the project was design and production of information materials and organisation of events to raise public awareness on probation in Armenia. In the framework of the program, APRA organised several events, such as:
• Three-day seminar series for judges and prosecutors in Aghveran,
• Presentation of the initial version of training modules and application manual of probation service,
• Seminar on electronic monitoring of prisoners in the framework of a program «Support to the Establishment of Probation Service in Armenia»
• Training for volunteers on support to the establishment of probation service in Armenia,
• Training for journalists on «The Peculiarities of Probation Service and Possibilities of Its Establishment in Armenia».
In addition, APRA provided media coverage of these and other events.
In the framework of the program APRA was also responsible for development and production of a short (5-10 minutes) video clip on the advantages of probation service, as well as for design and publication of thematic booklet.
The program was implemented with the support of the Council of Europe and was funded by the Government of Norway through the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

«Together We Can» Public Awareness Raising Campaign

From May 2014 to September 2015 APRA implemented public awareness raising campaign «Together We Can» in cooperation with UNICEF. Here are the main activities of the project:
• Development and pretesting of the campaign branding elements and main messages,
• Organisation of the launch event of the campaign,
• Media coverage of Project related activities (press-conferences, exhibitions, Gala dinner, etc.)
• Production and broadcast of 14 TV reportages (All reportages have been uploaded on UNICEF YouTube channel. The link to the channel is https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLbDvyHcSfcHFLN6Smqo1bPEnPvIFzGO5m),
• Organisation of four TV talk-shows (Talk shows covered the challenges and achievements of children with disability, the issues of their inclusion in the spheres of education, arts, sports as well as their right to grow up in a family. The Talk Shows have been uploaded on UNICEF YouTube Channel),
• Production of three TV commercials,
• Production of articles in online and print media outlets,
• Popularisation of inclusive education, the main messages of the campaign, campaign news, events and milestones through the Internet,
• Organisation of NGO-media workshop/networking meeting.