Promoting Equal Rights and Equal Opportunities in Armenia: Women in Local Democracy

APRA continues implementation of the project “Strengthening Capacity and Knowledge of Civil Society and the Media to Engage in Constructive Dialogue on Gender and Democratic Governance and to Promote Non-Stereotyped Portrayal of Females and Males”.
Main activities for 2014 are as follows:
• broadcast of TV program about community council members (avagani) of Sis and Vostan communities (Ararat marz)
• preparation of about 6 documentaries with total duration of 100 minutes. Documentaries will be educational and will refer to Local Self-Governance in Armenia and gender component in it. Participatory Governance in Local Level and Cooperation of LSG bodies with other Institutions will also be presented
• shooting and broadcasting talk shows in Ararat, Vayots Dzor, Aragatsotni marzes and Yerevan
• provision of regular support to beneficiary NGOs on issues related to their PR and public outreach activities: development of PR strategies, dissemination of information about activities of beneficiary NGOs among media etc.
• organization of the summarizing meeting with the stakeholders of the programme (mass media and NGOs representatives, community council members etc.)

Communication Campaign on Social Inclusion of Children with Disabilities in Armenia

Since May 2014 Armenian PR Association with the support of UNICEF has started implementation of the project “Communication campaign on social inclusion of children with disabilities in Armenia” aimed to promote the idea of inclusiveness and education for all and acceptance of children with disabilities in the Armenian society as equal members able to contribute to the development of the country. Main objectives of the project are as follows:
• raise awareness on the rights of children with disabilities
• promote equal access to education
• highlight the abilities and emphasize the strengths of children with disabilities in various spheres of life, from education to sports and arts
• create conducive environment for inclusion/integration of children with disabilities
In the framework of the project APRA plans to conduct the following activities:
• Development and pretesting of the campaign branding elements and messages
• Organization of the launch event of the campaign
• Ensuring of media coverage of at least four key events through leading national media outlets (print, online, and broadcast) to celebrate the campaign milestones
• Production of two TV commercials
• Production and broadcast of TV reportages
• Organization of at least three TV talk-shows
• Meetings with target groups
• Popularization of the main messages of the campaign, campaign news, events and milestones through the Internet
• Production of at least sixty investigative and explorative articles covering the challenges and accomplishments of children with disabilities
• Preparation and placement of posters throughout Yerevan in the most visible and popular public spots and places
• Public Relations and Media training for campaign partners

“Legal Awareness on the Reform of Criminal Procedure”

Armenian Public Relations Association with the support of OSCE started implementation of the project “Legal awareness on the reform of criminal procedure” since May 2014.
During the first month of the project APRA plans to create «Criminal Procedure Code Draft» section in «Factinfo» multimedia news platform. The publications of the given section are to concern only the new Criminal Procedure Code.

“Public Awareness and Financial Literacy”

Since March 1, 2014 Armenian Public Relations Association and “CMG” LLC have implemented the project of “Public Awareness and Financial Literacy” with the support of Foreign Financing Projects Management Centre of the RA Ministry of Finance and the World Bank.
The project aims to create and develop stable mechanisms for upgrading the perceptions of Pension System reforms and multi-level pension system as well as for providing target groups with necessary financial knowledge.
Following activities are to be undertaken within the project.
• Shoot at least two films (each one 15-20 minutes)
• Two video presentations
• Ten Public Service Announcement (PSA) up to one minute duration
• Promote the films and PSAs on the Internet
The final aim of the activities intended in the framework of the project is to upgrade the public awareness of the new pension system mechanisms and its opportunities through films, video presentations and PSAs.