2013 Promoting Equal Rights and Equal Opportunities in Armenia: Women in Local Democracy

APRA continues implementation of the project “Strengthening Capacity and Knowledge of Civil Society and the Media to Engage in Constructive Dialogue on Gender and Democratic Governance and to Promote Non-Stereotyped Portrayal of Females and Males”. Main activities for 2013 are:
• Preparation and distribution of two manuals “Gender Mainstreaming and Sensitization: Gender Sensitive Journalism”, «PR for NGOs» based on the training materials. The manuals are attached.
• Shooting and broadcast of at least 7 TV programs about 7 communities and their women mayors.
• Shooting and broadcasting of at least 4 talk shows
• Preparation of about 10 documentaries with total duration of 100 minute part of which will be educational and refer to Local Self-Governance in Armenia and gender component in it and the second part will present success stories of women from different marzes active in their communities.
• Provision of regular support to beneficiary NGOs on issues, related to their PR and public outreach activities. Particularly development of PR strategies, dissemination of information about activities of beneficiary NGOs among media etc.
• Organization of competition of reportages prepared by regional TV stations



Public Awareness Campaign about Judicial Reforms in Armenia

From May to August 2013 APRA implemented public awareness raising campaign about Judicial Reforms in Armenia with the support of World Bank and Judicial Reforms PIU. The goal of the project was strengthening the knowledge of public about the reforms implemented in Armenian judicial system as well as developing skills of using the benefits of those changes in their daily life by shooting and airing informative and educational PSAs and preparing special billboards. During the last 10-15 years several important changes took place in the judicial system of Armenia. One of those changes was the reform of Constitution in 2005, and then adoption of the Judicial Code in 2007 which had a positive impact on courts’ proceedings and their work in general. At the same time with the assistance of the World Bank a big amount of work has been done to contribute to the reforms and raise the productivity of judicial and public administration. This project has been initiated for raising genuine public interest and earning a measurable trust towards the judiciary, law enforcement and public administration bodies in Armenia.
In general 10 PSAs were produced and 140 billboards were prepared. In July the PSAs was broadcast on four TV channels that have nationwide coverage. The billboards were placed in whole territory of Armenia and main highways.

"Crime and Punishment" (continuation)

On March 2013 APRA started implementation of the project “Crime and Punishment” funded by the General Prosecutor's office of Armenia. This is the continuation of the projects implemented by APRA on 2011 and 2012. The aim of the project is to raise public awareness about judicial system and Prosecution processes in Armenia by production and airing of TV programs related to different types of crimes and legal procedures of their punishment.
22 TV programs will be shoot and broadcast each of which is devoted to a particular court case (already revealed or in progress), had its main character/s and experts, as well as other people who had dealt directly with the case. Programs increase awareness of different groups of public about their rights and responsibilities during judicial processes, as well as level of their awareness about defense mechanisms. TV programs are aired by «Yerkir Media» TV.