Every Child Needs a Family

From the January 2011 APRA starts implementation of PR campaign of the project “Every Child Needs a Family” conducted by UNICEF. The goal of the project is orientation of public opinion towards the adaptation of basic ideas of the reform of social protection of children. The main objective of the project is to support the Government of Armenia in implementation of child protection reforms and, particularly, its de-institutionalization strategy, by raising public awareness about different aspects of the reform and by popularization and promotion of the messages that “A child has a right to have a family” and “A child should be brought up in a family”.
During the campaign a round table-discussions with participation of the representatives of UNICEF and State Agencies, experts of the field, famous political, cultural actors will be organized; TV commercials and documentaries will be created; concerts with participation of Children’s Chamber Orchestra of UNICEF will be organized; experts involved in the project will participate in on-line forums, TV interviews and talk-shows; in one of the most popular radios a series of reportages will be broadcast and etc.
The project will be implemented in close cooperation with mass media representatives.
Duration of the project is 1 year.

URL: http://www.infokids.am

Judicial Reforms in Armenia

From August to December 2011 APRA implemented two projects aimed at improvement of publiq awareness about the activities of The Judicial Reform Project Implementation Unit in Armenia (PIU). One of the projects was shooting and airing of a documentary about the results of Activities of PIU during last 10 years. The goal of the documentary was elucidation of the history of PIU, implemented activities and their results, as well as current situation. The film contains documentary materials about implemented projects, archived materials, public discussions and experts' opinions.
The second project was preparation and broadcasting of PSAs about www.arlis.am and www.datalex.am public information websites created in the framework of the Second Project of the Judicial Reforms.
In 3 PSAs about www.arlis.am and www.datalex.am services provided by the websites have been produced and their suitableness for public has been accented.
Both the film and PSAs have been broadcast by Armenian National TV and Yerkir Media TV.

The Idea of Economic Competitiveness in Armenia

From December 2010 to February 2011 APRA implemented project “The Idea of Economic Competitiveness” with support of USAID CAPS Project (Competitive Armenian Private Sector). The goal of the project was to provide an opportunity to CAPS stakeholders to promote the economic competitiveness idea in general and the Armenian Competitiveness report 2010 in particular. The project was aimed at strengthening public-private dialog and increasing publicity about competitiveness and policy reforms, focusing on higher education, and to contribute to a common understanding of challenges and policy improvement among the private sector, public sector and media.
In the framework of the project interviews with CAPS Cluster players, especially academia, about reforms in higher education and ACR 2010 findings have been conducted, public debates on the reforms have been presented, TV programs about economic competitiveness in Armenia have been shot and aired on the Armenian Public TV channel

"Crime and Punishment"

From June to December 2011 Armenian Public Relations Association implemented a project “Crime and Punishment” funded by the General Prosecutor's office of Armenia the aim of which was production and airing of TV programs connected with different types of crimes and legal procedures of their punishment. 16 TV programs have been shoot and broadcast each of which was devoted to a particular case (already revealed or in progress), had its main character/s and experts, as well as other people who had dealt directly with the case. Programs increased awareness of different groups of public about their rights and responsibilities during judicial processes, as well as level of their awareness about defense mechanisms. Name of the program is «Crime and Punishment». TV programs were aired by «Yerkir Media» TV.