"Creative children rights"

Armenian Public Relations Association and UNICEF Armenian office continue their joint projects and this time implement education and public awareness raising campaign "Creative Child Rights". During the project two contests will be held: “Best journalist article on children issues” for Armenian Mass Media representatives, and “Best scenario for child right course” for Armenian secondary school teachers.

The award ceremony will be held on 20th November 2008 - on Universal Children’s Day.

“Women and Society” campaign aimed at improving of public awareness

From December 2007 APRA is conducting a campaign aimed at improving of public awareness about the issue “Women and Society” with the support of UNDP. The goal of the project is to improve public awareness about cases of discrimination against women and their consequences as well as to develop society's ability to adequately respond to the manifestation of such discrimination. Above all, the campaign aims to encourage journalists to raise number and quality of reporting on gender equality in Armenia, to provide unbiased and multifaceted material.
For achieving these goals number of activities will be conducted. Discussions with experts will be organized on the following topics: "Women and Society", "Woman and Family", "women leaders: good examples of the Armenian reality," "Women and Management", "Women and politics" and so on. The discussions will be attended by representatives of the media, who will cover the campaign.
There will also be prepared a special edition of the newspaper Panorama.am, which will be submitted to interviews with participants of the discussions, reports on the deliberations and other materials. Throughout the campaign, on information web portal www.Panorama.am will periodically be appeared special announcements and reports on the project.
In the framework of the project a social spot will be prepared, which will focus on the situation of women in a changing society. The PSA will be shown both in Yerevan, and on regional television channels. All other prepared media materials will also be distributed throughout Armenia.
The campaign results will be measured by the monthly monitoring Number and quality of the materials in the press on the subject of public discussions about the role of women.