Creation of the computer game "Become President"

In the autumn 2007 APRA participated in the creation of the computer game "Become President", by exercising the function of an expert-author, implementing content development and preparing questionnaire on the Great Britain for a special section of the game.
The game is designed for schoolchildren of upper classes. The players are required high levels of knowledge and information. The player attempts to become president by choosing a political position, implementing a pre-electoral campaign. Along with familiarizing the young players with the complex process of becoming president, the game is also intended to teach them to be responsible and to be devoted to democratic values in their future job.

PR campaign and PR trainings for NGOs

In summer – autumn 2007 with Eurasia Foundation support APRA experienced specialists conducted a special course of trainings “PR for Armenian Non - governmental Organizations” for "Maternity Center of Armenia" NGO staff members, providing them with theoretical and practical knowledge and skills in Public Relations, fundraising, media relations etc.
Later APRA conducted the same range of trainings for “Araza” NGO staff members.
By the end of the trainings all the participants received nominal certificates.
In the frameworks of the project APRA elaborated a PR strategy for the “Maternity Center of Armenia” NGO and a corporate package, which included the creation of a logotype, corporate colours, fonts, accessories design and such.
By the end of the project we also developed the http://www.maternity.am website.

PR campaign for anticorruption public centers

Being a member of OSCE Anticorruption Coalition of NGOs APRA has implemented a PR campaign for OCSE Anticorruption Public Centers in Yerevan, Stepanavan and Martuni, which provide legal advice in different spheres of social life. Among other PR services our specialists have conducted a round table of the Anticorruption Coalition of NGOs, prepared an informational brochure and a short TV spot, which has been aired on numerous TV channels. We also prepared articles, interviews and other materials for www.Panorama.am informational portal and the Panorama.am newspaper. As a main step in the PR campaign we have implemented content development of www.anticorruption.am web site, which contains data about the Centers' activities, the experts, recent events in the relevant sphere, as well as a hot line.

Strengthening civil society role in good governance development in Armenia

In April 2007, Armenian Public Relations Association in cooperation with «Youth for Achievements» NGO started the implementation of «Strengthening Civil Society Role in Good Governance Development in Armenia» project which is to last one and a half year.
Within the frameworks of the initiative APRA and YFA are cooperating with governmental agencies, NGOs and Media Institutions operating in target areas of governance: Justice, Social Services and Environment Protection.
The aim of the project is to establish mechanisms for the continuous dialogue and cooperation in the target areas of governance, enhance the ability of civil society actors to engage in democratic governance and policy dialogue, promote idea of institutionalization of participatory bodies that may act as society liaison , engaging into dialogue with the policy makers on issues and decisions that are directly affecting life of citizens thus, promoting key fundamental rights, which are an essential feature of any genuine democracy.
In order to achieve these goals, the Public Advocacy consultative bodes – «Civil Advisory Councils» with the participation of NGO and Media representatives are formed.
During the public hearings the Councils discuss the key issues that are subject of a decision making at governmental level. This will enable civil society actors to get engaged in democratic governance fostering a new tradition of decision-making which is to be the regular consultation with the civil society actors and regular reporting practice.
The topics of Public Hearings are decided in advance during the preliminary discussions by the CAC and government representatives.
In order to ensure smooth and efficient functioning of the Civil Advisory Councils and fruitful cooperation with the government a series of training workshops have been held with Media and NGO representatives on communication skills, civil debate and negotiations culture.
In order to inform general public about the functioning of Civil Advisory Councils the public awareness campaign will be carried out through delivering easily accessible online information, brochures and newspapers inserts publications.
Final Beneficiary of the project is Armenian public at large on a sector level including NGO community, state decision makers and mass media.

The “Child portrait – uncovered” project follow-up

In the year 2007 APRA continued the UNICEF co-implemented project “Child Portraits – Uncovered”.
An educational TV spot regarding school reforms has been shot and broadcast. It covered the whole range of the education related issues including pre-school, middle and high school education. A thorough research on specific problems identification in the field of education had been done and experts had been interviewed to answer the most vital questions.
A web based resource center for journalists has been developed (www.infokids.am), comprising data on the project past and present stages, documents and materials on child related issues, experts' opinions, researches and statistical data, as well as useful links and a hot line.
In September a seminar on educational reforms has been conducted for reporters from various media outlets. The representatives of government agencies (Ministry of Education, Ministry of Labour and Social Care, Center of Knowledge Assessment and Testing) and NGOs came up with reports on recent educational reforms in Armenia. Subsequently journalists covered the topic in the media.