Promotion Campaign to Celebrate Refugee Day in Armenia

Bearing in mind while real integration means not only national passport acquisition but also has long term cultural, social and economic adaptation, APRA in partnership with United Nations High Commissiner for Refugees Branch Office in Armenia initiated media, public awareness and fundraising campaign devoted to a World Refugee Day celebration on June 20, 2006. As a result 24 refugee children spent two weeks in Tsitsernak Summer Camp which is the best camps in Armenia by its order and the educational orientation.
To foster production of a set of TV reportages and publications in the local press covering the problems and challenges that refugees encounter in Armenia, APRA initiated three press tours that included visiting refugee settlements in two villages of Ararat marz, Mission Armenia NGO Social Center for Vulnerable layers of population in Hrazdan town of Kotaik Marz, Asylum Seekers Special Dormitory attached to the Department of Migration and Refugees of RA and Abovyan refugee dormitory. In addition, journalists met with local authorities’ representatives, members of civil society, social workers, school teachers and visited Studio of refugee artist – Roman Ayryan, where they familiarized with the artworks and paintings. Press tours were held to raise media awareness about the current status of refugees in Armenia and acquaint journalists how refugees live, what they think and how they build their life in their historical motherland. During all the press tours, a project officer together with the Public Relations Officer from UNHCR accompanied groups to provide briefing and discuss the issues with the media in place. The outcome of the press tours was sets of TV reportages and articles produced around 20 June, 2006.
As a culmination of the project, Armenian PR Association and UNHCR office in Armenia marked the World Refugee Day on June 20 by organizing a press conference. The event was to draw the public attention to the problems of refugees, residing in Armenia, and to present the results of fundraising campaign. Conference was attended by Armenian Media, representatives of NGOs and international organizations.

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