Media Capacity Building Initiative- Child Portraits –Uncovered

With the development of information society the media plays constantly increasing role in the lives of children. For this very reason the UN Convention on the Rights of Child contains many messages to media practitioners that call not just to ‘include’ children issues in the media products and treat them as apprentices to adult society, but to put them at the heart of the human rights agenda.
Perceiving itself as an intermediary between public and media, APRA feels necessity to assist in establishment of professional codes of conduct and promote good practice in the field of information to prevent misuse and misinterpretation of information that could have had hazardous consequences for those who are often helpless to defend themselves, especially children. more...

Newspaper marketing and sales training

Armenian Public Relations Association developed a course on Newspaper Marketing and Sales Training for Armenian regional newspaper managers in the framework of Eurasia Foundation “Regional Print Media Strengthening Program”. The overall purpose of the training course to develop participants’ understanding of marketing principles in relation to advertising, promotion and sales of print media.
This course is targeted at directors, sales officer, market specialists and other relevant staff from selected Armenian regional print media outlets. Class sessions involve case studies, lectures, and practical assignments. Each day of training covers two key topics. Each training heading involves the discussion of a case, a lecture on key information.
The course merges theoretical education with development practical skill in the field of media management. It contains practical assignments to illustrate that those practices have strengths and weaknesses in an Armenian reality. Real –life cases are selected and presented by the practicing media professionals currently working in media outlets and advertising agencies.

You may download the program here


PR and communication techniques training coursefor non-profit organization

APRA in partnership with OXFAM Armenian Branch developed training course on Public Relations and Communication Techniques for Non-Governmental organizations, operating in Armenia. The overall purpose of the training course is to develop participants’ practical skills in making effective promotion of their organizations for the advancement of their goals and gaining better support from general public and media in realization of their projects.
Training is conducted by APRA experts, who have extensive experience in teaching PR disciplines in a number of Armenian higher education institutions.
This course is designed as an advanced program for established NGOs currently involved in complex projects. Class sessions involve case studies, lectures, and class discussions. Each day of training covers a key topic. Each training heading contains the discussion of a case and a lecture on key information.

By the end of the course trainees will acquire knowledge on PR-technologies, methods of the work with Mass – media and public advocacy techniques.
APRA trainers create conditions for trainees' more close-fitting acquaintance with Media managers and acting PR managers, i.e. create opportunity for professional contact and interactions.
We develop NGOs ability to plan and implement advocacy campaigns mobilization projects, starting from informational audit and message formulation and up to stage of own media product development.
This is an intensive 3 to 5 day training program. The following are expectations for participation in the program:
1. Attendance at all sessions
2. Active participation in case studies and discussions.

Number of participants in each course is limited to 20.

Armenian Public Relations Association is open for partnership and cooperations with local and international organizations who wish this course to be held for their staff and partners.

Promotion Campaign to Celebrate Refugee Day in Armenia

Bearing in mind while real integration means not only national passport acquisition but also has long term cultural, social and economic adaptation, APRA in partnership with United Nations High Commissiner for Refugees Branch Office in Armenia initiated media, public awareness and fundraising campaign devoted to a World Refugee Day celebration on June 20, 2006. As a result 24 refugee children spent two weeks in Tsitsernak Summer Camp which is the best camps in Armenia by its order and the educational orientation. more...

Vote corruption away

In APRIL 2006 Armenian Public Relations Association was incepted as 13th member of Anticorruption Coalition of NGOs, established in 2004 and supported by OSCE Branch Office in Armenia. Coalition is dealing with the projects, aimed at tackling corruption cases in various areas of public life: public health, education, military service, SME, customs services and several business regulatory bodies by publicizing cases of successful lawsuits of small businesses against the state, and stressing the importance of public authorities' transparency. more...