Campaign against unfair advertisement

In June 2003 Association for Public Relations in Armenia carried out the public awareness campaign to discuss the consequences of advertising by “Teleplus” Company. Telephone supply of citizens was ceased because of debts, which accumulated not for telephone services /more than 140 appeals. Being attractive especially for teens, the advertisement didn’t contain clear information about the advertised services. Parents often became aware that their child had used “Teleplus” services only when getting the bills. According to the 1st point of the 14th article of Law on Advertisement, advertisement using trustfulness of minors is considered unfair. Despite that advertisement referred not only to minors, just teenagers often called. Citizens could turn to “Armentel” than Ministry of Communication and Transport, demanding to restore their broken rights. They also could appeal to courts. Association has made a claim statement, and citizens must appeal to a court, filling it. But the citizens were suggested to consult with a lawyer before applying to courts. As a result of number of meetings, press conference carried out by Armenian Public Relations Association the issues received wide public attention and invited many comments from the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Transport and Communications. The telephone supply to citizens was restored. On April 9, 2004, Appeal Court left unchanged the decisions of the First Instance and Review Courts.
Photo source: www.a1plus.am

Consumers rights protection

Preparing a report for the conference “Brand Days in Russia” APRA started a research on the stability of coffee brands in the Armenian market which showed that 80% of the coffee brands packaged in Armenia come out of the market in one year.
To find out the reasons for such instability, samples of a number of brands were sent to expertise. Cadmium, Lead, other heavy metals and mixtures were found in the majority of coffee brands. A public awareness campaign was conducted which made the coffee producers enhance the quality of their product.

Men against domestic violence

In November 2004 Armenian Public Relations Association in consortium with the Youth for Achievement Association NGO was awarded a grant of United Nations Development Program for carrying out country-wide informational campaign to promote the general awareness and foster the prevention of Discrimination Against Women and Domestic Violence in particular, introduce innovative concepts of Violence prevention and promote Women Rights in general. Project was successfuly finished in August 2005. You may download the narrative final report for the project here. Please also visit project web site on http://www.dv.am/ to get more information about the project team, activities and materials, developed in the course of the project.

Parliamentary elections awareness campaign

In February – April 2003 Armenian Public Relations Association participated in the campaign of Public Awareness about the Armenian Parliamentary Elections: Web-based Public Dialog Facilitation Project. The project involved providing pre-election on-line informational support (election platforms, bios of candidates, etc) for voter users through the Pan Armenian News portal, conducting on-line interviews with the leaders of political parties responding to the questions of the portal audience (potential voters), and publishing and disseminating the results of informational exchange, printing hard cover single issue magazine with the interviews and portal materials for offline information dissemination. The project was funded by the World Learning NGO Strengthening Program and was implemented in cooperation with PanArmenian Network.

PR support

In June 2003 Armenian Public Relations Association signed a partnership agreement with the Bearing Point Consulting Company for the PR support to the latter's Private Sector Development initiatives in Armenia. Within the framework of this initiative from December 2003 to April 2004 APRA assisted in preparation and conducting of a number of workshops and news conferences for representatives of the mass media and private sector on issues of Armenia’s accession to the WTO, membership implications and opportunities.

RA Economic Court information center

In April 2004 the Armenian Public Relations Association was awarded a grant of The European Initiative for Democracy and Human Rights (EIDHR) for the Project "Transparency and Accessibility of Armenian Judicial System: Creation of the Armenian Economic Court web-based information center".
The major objectives of the Project are improving access to regulatory and administrative information and increasing transparency of judiciary structures, policies and proceedings in and related to the Economic Court of the Republic of Armenia. The other goal was provision of capacity and start-up resources for improved accountability of that entity, in other words, improving the quality and effectiveness of judiciary through strengthening public-private relations.
Download Report (PDF eng 400Kb)
The inauguration ceremony of the Web-based Information Center of the Economic Court of Armenia took place in Armenia Marriott Hotel. Ceremony was attended by the representatives of Armenian Government, judiciary, non- governmental and international organizations.
David Harutyunyan, the Minister of Justice of RA opened the ceremony. In his speech he emphasized that transparency could not be secured only by creation of internet center but that the Information Center is an important tool for achieving that end. On behalf of the Economic Court, its Chairman, Mr. Hovhannes Manukyan confirmed the Court's commitment to keep the resource updated with fresh information on various court- related issues.

Talk show on the problems of corruption

In December 2004 Armenian Public Relations Association under the funding of United Nations Development Program‘s Anticorruption Initiative organized a TV talk show on Armenian Public Television devoted to the problems of corruption in Armenian Health and Education establishments.

Working with Higher Educational Institutions

Since April 2003, Armenian Public Relations Association introduced a number of Public Relations and Communication graduate courses at the Russian Armenian (Slavonic) State University.
The courses are:
“Basics of Information and Communication”,
“Basics of Advertisement and PR”
“PR Technologies“
“Political Marketing“

Our experts develop and deliver PR and Communication courses at French University of Armenia and in Brusov Lingustic University (Master Program in International Journalism). Members of Association are working on implementation of the similar courses at the Yerevan State University.