About Academy

About us:
Being the first institutional-educational initiative of the Armenian Public Relations Association, the PR Academy is a vocational training center that offers trainings in the sphere of public relations and communications.
Purpose of the PR Academy is to promote the Public Relations knowledge and assist PR practitioners to stay updated on current PR techniques and technologies.

We aim at making the specialization of "Public relations" an official discipline at state and private Universities of Armenia.

At the Academy we use various forms of trainings and educational technologies, that provide interrelation of the theory and practice, allow interactivity during the trainings. Our courses are based on the concept of a joint exchange of experience and they give the listeners the practical ability to solve complicated problems and fully meet the requirements of the specialty.

Teaching structure of the PR Academy includes the experts practicing in sphere of public relations and mass communications.

Academic courses:
The academic courses have been developed by our experts under consideration of the necessity of development of the practical skills of the future experts in public relations and as a component of complex training in support to the educational institutions that are giving theoretical knowledge in the field of PR. Within the limits of the given course, the Basic object of studying is PR activity in various aspects. The underlying aim is listeners’ mastering in main principles, forms and methods of PR-activity, and their application in practice. Some courses are aimed at beginners and graduate students, while others are more suitable for already practicing professionals.