Armenian Public Relations Association was established in November 2002 and formally registered in April 2003 by a group of Information and Communication professionals, working in the area of Public Relations at various Government agencies, NGOs and business organizations.
These days more and more people in Armenia directly depend on the quality and trustworthiness of information provided by various public institutions
There is an obvious lack of professionally trained communication professionals in the country, whereas it is a highly demanded profession in the Armenian job market. Lack of established communication mechanisms between public institutions and mass media affect adversely the overall situation with transparency and accountability of State, Business and NGOs before the Armenian Society.

It hinders the development of open and democratic society and slows the processes of fighting corruption, protecting human rights and establishing fair and efficient regulatory mechanisms for efficient and profitable private sector. Lack of stable and clearly formulated communication policy makes society institutions impenetrable to the mass media , public and international community. Lack of proper information gives journalists a food for thought such as whether the institutions that " keep their informational borders tight closed from the eyes of outside observers are operating fairly and ethically and if they have something to hide from the outside world ? Consequences are negative both for the institutions and media .. Uninformed judgments negatively affect both the image of the company, organization or state agency as well as objectivity of mass media.
While establishing Armenian Public Relations Association Founding Members came from the assumption that to avoid major social cataclysms and instability any society must be adequately informed about its Government, non –governmental sector and business structures’ intentions strategies and actions, which, in its turn would ensure society functioning with the positive atmosphere of predictability.
This would be possible if society institutes (country authorities, business entities, educational, political, cultural and social institutions) effectively interact with the media, providing public information and explanation, as necessary about their activities and decisions.
For nearly two years of its operations, APRA has carried multiple projects targeting Governmental and Private sector institution. Currently we unite more than 40 Communication and Public Information professionals . The collaboration and exchange of ideas among the them enhances a productive climate, supports the discovery of new vision and resources for each project that we initiate.

Armenian Public Relations Association is acting member of Yerevan Chamber of Trade and Commerce as well as the Member of Government Anticorruption Strategy Implementation NGO Monitoring Group.