Armenian Public Relations Association's Mission is to

Build Strong, Open and Democratic Armenia through Communication and Open Dialogue

The Association sees its primary goal in establishment of Effective Communication and Information mechanisms in the Armenian society that provide equal opportunities to set up stable information flows with all the subjects of information exchange, namely the State, Private sector, Non-Governmental Organizations and Media.

Our goal will be achieved through

  • Promotion of fruitful dialogue and cooperation between various participants of the informational exchange

  • Creation of independent information provision and feedback modalities for State, private and third sectors that would allow public to be aware of their activities, to influence and control their work.

  • Institutionalization of professional PR education

Armenian Public Relations Association recognizes and prioritizes the importance of introducing commonly accepted standards of public relations practice in Armenia. Obviously those standards vary from country to country, influenced by local traditions, however with the rapid increase in efficient, almost instantaneous world communications, the need for a common acceptable code becomes even more pressing.

Armenian Public Relations Association sees its duty in ensuring that the citizens, wherever they may be, are given the standard of service, rights and protection that justice and ethical public relations demand.

Armenian Public Relations Association is cooperating with the local and international public organizations, Government Agencies and private sector as well as Mass Media resources for the implementation of projects directed to the formation of Open Communicative Society in Armenia, ensuring maximum effectiveness, and high ethics of informational campaigns carried out by public institutions.